玉椿 <tamatsubaki : Tsubaki House> +1

by 新宿ゲバルト | on 青年の主張
Lyrics & Music: Hiromu Toda
Translation by Aka

妬ける程のイルバチオで フロアを酔わせて
センシティブに夜を踊る 君のシルエット
yakeru hodo no IRUBACHIO de   FUROA wo yowasete +2
SENSHITIBU ni yoru wo odoru   kimi no SHIRUETTO
With enviable perfume, the floor is enchanted
Sensitively, your silhouette dances the night
イタロチックな汽笛で 連れて行ってトワイライト
メガヒットのハイエナジー 響かせてトゥナイト
ITAROCHIKKU na kiteki de   tsurete itte TOWAIRAITO +3
With an Italian disco-like whistle, we’re taken into twilight
The high energy mega-hit resounds tonight
例える程の 言葉も無くて 俯いたまま
取留めの無い 浅い呼吸を 急いでいた
tatoeru hodo no   kotoba mo nakute   utsumuita mama
toritome no nai   asai kokyuu wo   isoideita
There aren’t any words to compare, we just hung our heads
On and on, shallow breaths were rushing
忘れないでと 計り知れた 想い出の言葉
限りばかりで 永遠も無い 二人の世界
wasurenai de to   hakarishireta   omoide no kotoba
kagiri bakari de   eien mo nai   futari no sekai
I remember the words in my limited memories: “Don’t forget”
Our temporary world until the end
割れたグラスの淵を 指で確かめるように
取りすがる浅ましさを 競い合う二人
wareta GURASU no fuchi wo   yubi de tashikameru you ni
torisugaru asamashisa wo   kisoiau futari
So that we check with a finger the depth of the broken glass
We wretchedly cling on, this competing couple
夜を通したオスティナートは 君が纏う
yoru wo tooshita OSUTINA-TO wa   kimi ga matou +5
kaigan no BAIPASU ni nukeru kaze no nioi
You’re clad in the repetitive tunes that passed through the night
The smell of the wind blowing over the coastal bypass
かかる暮らしの 愛とか誠に 意味など無くて
過ぎる事まで 不確かにして 笑う僕ら
kakaru kurashi no   ai to ka makoto ni   imi nado nakute
sugiru koto made   futashika ni shite   warau bokura
Through life, there truly isn’t any meaning to love and things
Until we’ve been through it, we do it uncertainly and laugh
世界がこのまま 終わればいいな そんな事を
強く願っても 夜明けが二人を 引き裂いてゆく
sekai ga kono mama   owareba ii na   sonna koto wo
tsuyoku negatte mo   yoake ga futari wo   hikisaite yuku
Wouldn’t it be good if the world ended like this,
even though we strongly hope for this, the dawn will tear us apart


+1: The ‘Tsubaki Hall’ – an 80′ disco in Roppongi, Tokyo (see the fantastic comment ↓below↓)
+2: Il bacio is Italian for “the kiss” – in this case, it’s possibly referring to an expensive Italian perfume, or it could be any number of works of art, films, or even a race-horse.
+3: Itarochikku – Italian disco music
+4: ‘High Energy’ disco music
+5: Ostinato – a repetitive pattern of notes, Italian for stubborn/persistent

+: ありがとうございます、これを作った誰かさん!http://caligari69.web.fc2.com/187/gewalt/seinen/memo.html


One comment

  1. rbn

    quick thing—玉椿* was actually a disco in Roppongi that was open from 1981-88; apparently the building it was in (スクエアビル, demolished in 2007) housed a number of discos during this area and became a symbol of the “disco boom” and the Bubble era… really quite fascinating!
    *aka ツバキ・ボール; seems to of been a branch of a Shinjuku disco of a similar name


    btw i appreciate yr translations so much!~

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