Hello and welcome to Robot and Lyrics, a website for translations of song lyrics by Metronome, FLOPPY and other Japanese angura-kei and techno pop bands.

To find a song, click on the band’s name at the top of the page to see a chronological list of all releases and songs. Click on a song to view its lyrics. Alternatively, use the search button on the right-hand side


My name is Kimhren or Aka, and all translations marked as “Translated by Aka” (i.e. all translations in blue) are done by me. Please send me a message and ask if you wish to take/use any of them. You can also find me on Last.fm or Twitter.

All translations in other colors are by other people, after I’ve checked over them. i.e. I don’t just copy and paste.

A huge thank you to Ayyu, Lyme and cherrytetsu for letting me post their translations here. I really appreciated their efforts back when I had practically no knowledge of Japanese. Thanks!

Please note: No translation is perfect. There will always be little errors or meanings that don’t quite match because, after all, Japanese is a totally different language and culture. Also, some people are better at translating than others. My own translations leave a lot to be desired, but the reason I do it is as a fun way to slowly improve my Japanese. If you have any comments or corrections please do comment in the relevant post/page.

Aka, August 2011

UPDATE August 2016:

Click here

UPDATE February 2013:
Big changes! I gave RAL a new theme in order for it to be wider. Each translation page will now have a table format which makes it easier to follow. You can now find my translations on JpopAsia, although I didn’t put them there and I’m still waiting for a thank you/apology…



  1. Sinistar

    I just want to say…THANK YOU.

    I’ve discovered this site today while desperately searching for song lyrics “Unknown” by Metronome. And I finally came across your site and not only do you have Metronome lyrics here, but also FLOPPY, Adapter, Shinjuku Gewalt! And more! This is just crazy!!

    So yeah, I’m just leaving this here to let you know there is at least one more happy person in this world thanks to YOU. (Oh, and all the other translator too, I thank you all!)

    Best regards,


    • 小林栗鼠

      Hi there!

      I’m so glad you like the translations. It’s always great to hear from other fans that are as passionate as I am. If these are making someone else out there happy, that makes me happier 😀

      Do check for updates – I always try to keep up with the latest releases.


    • 小林栗鼠

      Wow! That page is incredible!
      Early メトロノーム band photos! Oh, you have made my day. Thank you so much for the link!
      I will get working on those translations ASAP.

  2. ooo

    Hello, Aka. I just want to say your R.A.L is amazing. Love your site. Thank you for your great translations.

  3. Lô Duy Linh

    Thanks you very much, please english translation more [ Wagakki Band ] Song ( Otonoe Album ),
    Thanks you very muchhhh !!!, always love. !

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