Tofu Mental

豆腐メンタル [Toufu Mental]

by メトロノーム | on CONTINUE
Lyrics & Music: シャラク
Translation by Aka (Japanese lyrics provided by MoonWalker)

(*)sugu ni ki ni nacchatte
nani mo te ni tsukanaku natte
kyoumi ushinacchatte
na no ni ki ni shite bakkari de
hitome ki ni nacchatte
nani mo dekinaku nacchatte
yokei ochikonjatte
kizetsu o kurikaeshichatte
(*)It bothered me right away +1
I became unable to concentrate on anything
I lost interest in stuff
And yet, I just worried about it
I was bothered by people’s gazes
I became unable to do anything
I got excessively down
I kept on going faint
(**)(ヤダ! ヤダ!) 他人の評価を
(ヤダ! ヤダ!) 気にしちゃう癖に
(ヤダ! ヤダ!) 左右されちゃってる
(ヤダ! ヤダ!) 豆腐メンタル
(**)(yada! yada!) tanin no hyouka wo
(yada! yada!) ki ni shichau kuse ni
(yada! yada!) sayuu sarechatteru
(yada! yada!) toufu mentaru
(**)(No! No!) Other people’s valuation (of me)
(No! No!) Even though I cared about it
(No! No!) I was taken over by it
(No! No!) Tofu Mental

+1: Many of these lines end with chatte (or jatte), which is a verb-ending that shows regret or disappointed about an action one has done


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