心技体 [shingitai : heart, technique, physique] +1

by GalapagosS | on Coming new ground
Lyrics & Music: Sharaku Kobayashi
Translation by Aka (Japanese lyrics provided by MoonWalker)

君を感じたい 心はどんな感じたい?
今は気にしない そんじゃ何故禁止だい?
待つの嫌じゃない それも中々いいんじゃない?
君を信じたい 心即ち心技体
kimi o kanjitai kokoro wa donna kanji dai?
ima wa ki ni shinai sonja naze kinshi dai?
matsu no iya ja nai sore mo nakanaka iin ja nai?
kimi o shinjitai kokoro sunawachi shingitai
What is this feeling in my heart that I want to feel you?
Don’t worry about it for now, why is that not allowed?
I don’t hate waiting for it, isn’t that also quite good?
This heart that wants to trust you is, in other words, heart, technique and physique
kimi wa damatte mattete mattete
boku o soko de mattete mattete
You stay silent, waiting, waiting
I am there, waiting, waiting

* Everything is repeated various times.

+1: These are the three qualities expected of a sumo wrestler.


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