This blog lately

So, for the last year or so the site became quiet, didn’t it?

The reason is I got a little bored of these bands.

FLOPPY wasn’t doing much, I got sick of GalapagosS and got tired of Adapter。. I haven’t bought any of their CDs so unfortunately I don’t have the lyrics to translate. The only band I’ve been keeping up with is Geba, and since he only releases music once in a blue moon, there’s nothing for me to do there.

Instead, I’ve been following other music and I have been translating their songs. Please check out yucat and Wagakki Band‘s music! I’ve translated all of yucat’s songs and I’m slowly working through Wagakki Band’s second album (The first is all Vocaloid covers which are mostly translated by others).

However, in the last couple of months things have picked up!

Metronome are back

They announced pretty subtly on Twitter that their first live show in 7 years would be held on September 19 at Zepp Tokyo (and at the same moment Sharaku and Fukusuke became Twitter friends for the first time ever). There is also a short snippet of the new music video posted on their new youtube channel

It features Sharaku, Fukusuke and Riu, as they are returning as a three-piece. However, a few days later, they announced that Yuuichiro would be support drummer at the return live show. Does that mean he’s looking to rejoin them too?

I’m super excited for the new live show and for the new CD. We can only hear a little bit of the song, but it sounds really good (music by Riu, words by Sharaku, btw). I got my tickets pre-sale – I’m not going to miss this! I think there are still tickets available though.

I’m hoping to get my hands on the new Geba CD, and I think I’ll buy Adapter。’s last album, so expect translations for that soon. Sadly, I just don’t care about GS any more. If any one wants me to translate any songs though, send the lyrics my way.

— Kimhren —



  1. Alexey

    Yeeeah!) i’m going to their live in japan too (today’s i bought ticket :3)
    I write the lyrics of Mura wa 1cm by Metronome. Where i can send this to you?

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