Akatsuki no Ito

暁ノ糸 [akatsuki no ito : dawn’s thread]

by 和楽器バンド [Wagakki Band] | on 八奏絵巻 [yasou emaki]
Lyrics & Music: Machiya
Translation by Aka

花開けば 蝶枝に満つ+1
hana hirakeba chou eda ni mitsu
If the flowers bloom, butterflies will cover the branches
warera utau sora no kanata e
haruka nagaru kumo no mukou e
umi wo koete niji wo watatte
kimi ni todoku you ni
We’ll sing to the sky
To the distant flying clouds
Cross the sea, over the rainbow
So that it reaches you
seki wo kitte afureru omoi
itsuka sameru yume no iibasho de
waraiatte irareru you ni
kasane tsumuide yuku
Flowing thoughts break the wier
In this dream we’ll one day wake from
We’ll spin a tale
that we can laugh at together


+1: This line is taken from an old poem called “koto ni kanzu” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITVZi9Y9XOQ)


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