Kyokutou Zatsunen Tengoku

極東雑念天国 <kyokutou zatsunen tengoku : far-east idle thoughts paradise>

by FLOPPY | on 極東雑念天国 & I am computer music
Lyrics & Music: Sharaku Kobayashi
Translation by Aka

tada kudaranai koto wo omoiegaite
kurai kimochi ni nari
mata tawainai kotoba tsubuyaite mite wa
furidashi ni modotte iru
Just imagining useless things
I get into a dark mood
Trying whispering foolish words again
is taking me back to the beginning 
tada ikite iru koto de nanika wo nokoshite
ikeru no darou ka to nayami
soshite zatsunen wo harai baka ni nareru no nara
tanoshii kimochi ni naru no?
Worrying about what I’d be leaving behind
if I were to just live
And if I become an idiot by wasting time with these idle thoughts,
will it feel like fun?
*無駄な言葉は全て省いて飛んでみせるよ +1
全ての夜を笑い飛ばそう案外すぐだ +2
*muda na kotoba wa zenbu habuite tonde miseru yo +1
subete no uso wo warai tobasou angai sugu da +2
*I’ll leave out all the pointless words
Do “grand guignol”, GO!!
Laugh off all the lies, now suddenly
Do “grand guignol”, GO!! +3
* * *


+1: Written as “subete”, sang as “zenbu”
+2: Written as “yoru”, sang as “uso” – completely different words so I think it might be a typo in the booklet
+3: This is weird. Grand Guignol was a Parisian theatre which specialized in horror, and now refers to graphic horror works. It seems in Japanese the word has morph from a noun into a verb (like the word ‘Google’ has been morph into a verb “guguru” to mean ‘do an internet search’). I’m still researching this, but I think it means to do something in a horrible/outrageous way.


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