Kimi no Taiyou

君の太陽 <kimi no taiyou : Your Sun>

Lyrics & Music: Yoshiyuki Shimizu
Translation by Aka

光の海超えて 辿り着いた
君からのメッセージ 星が瞬くあの場所へ
何時しか夜が 静かに
光と影は 宇宙と星
海と風は 君の太陽
想いは時を超えて 君を待っていた
約束のあの場所で ずっと待っていた
ほうき星に乗せて 君を待っていた
地平の彼方まで 届きます様に
hikari no umi koete   tadoritsuita
kimi kara no MESSE-JI   hoshi ga matataku ano basho e
itsu shika yoru ga   shizuka ni
tasukete iku hazu no sora wo miteru
hikari to kage wa   uchuu to hoshi +1
umi to kaze wa    kimi no taiyou +2
omoi wa toki wo koete   kimi wo matte ita
yakusoku no ano basho de   zutto matte ita
houkiboshi ni nosete   kimi wo matte ita
chihei no anata made   todokimasu you ni
It finally reached me across a sea of light
A message from you, at that place where stars twinkle
Before I know it, the night grows silent
I look at the sky that I’m supposed to save
Light and shadow are space and stars
The sea and the wind are your sun
My feelings pass through time, I waited for you
At that promised place, I waited always
Riding on a comet, I waited for you
So that you reach the ground

+1: He doesn’t sing “uchuu”, I think he might sing “sora” but it’s so hard to tell.
+2: He actually sings kaze and umi the other way around from the printed lyrics.


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