Boku no Ibasho

ボクの居場所 <boku no ibasho : My Location>

by ADAPTER。 | on 艶。
Lyrics & Music: Fukusuke.
Translation by Aka

***君の明日は これからなんとなく
先の夢も それとはどことなく
僕の君は これからそれとなく
永久の夢も まだまだ意味は無く
それは どこだ!?
*bokutachi wa ibasho wo nakushita
kimi no tonari mo doko e yara
tonari ni wa bokura to yoku nita
kao ga narabu
kore kara wa mawari wo ki ni shite
ANTENA hatte kurasou ka
jinsei ichiban no ibasho wo
miotosanu you ni
**shiawase no junban machi ga moshi aru nara
boku no deban wa ittai itsu to
***kimi no asu wa kore kara nan to naku +1
saki no yume mo sore to wa doko to naku
boku no kimi wa kore kara sore to naku
towa no yume mo madamada imi wa naku
sore wa doko da!?
*We lost our location
I wonder where is next to you
Next to you, we fitted well
Faces lined up
From now on, you worry about things around you
You seem to be living attached to your antenna
So that you don’t overlook the most important
location in life

**If there’s a way to wait for our turn for happiness
when will my turn will be
***Your tomorrow is from now on for some reason
Your future dream is also somehow like that
You (who is mine) is from now on indirectly
Your eternal dream also still has no meaning
Where is this!?

+1: I’m utterly confused by these 3 lines.


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