Kali Yuga ni Saku Hana

カリユガに咲く花 <kariyuga ni saku hana : The Flower that Blooms in Kali Yuga> +1

by GalapagosS | on Slowly But Surely
Lyrics & Music: Sharaku Kobayashi
Translated by Aka

me ni mieru koto dake wo subete shinjite
te ni iru mono dake ga boku wo irodoru
itsu no hi ka sakeru no darou ka
I entirely believe only what I can see
Only what’s in my hands paints me +2
Someday they’ll bloom, right?
me ni mienai kototachi ga kizutsukeru kara
te ni ireta monotachi ga koboreochiteku
itsu no hi ka sakeru no darou ka
The things that I can’t see hurt me
The things that I held, fall and scatter
Someday they’ll bloom, right?
*naraba boku wa aruiteikou
nokori jikan wa kagirareteiru
dakara boku wa aruiteikou
shosen bokura shuumatsu ni saku adabana
*If so, I’ll walk on
My remaining time is limited
So, I’ll go walk on
After all, in the end we were just a blooming fruitless flower +3
ima wo shinji ashita wo ikite
furikaerazuni susumitai kedo
sukoshi fuan de furikaettari
aseru kimochi sae sutekirenai
I believe in now and live for tomorrow
I want to move forward without looking back, but
I look back with a bit of anxiety and
I can’t even dump this hurried feeling
* * *


+1: Kali Yuga – the fourth stage of the world in the Hindu faith, see Wikipedia (although I don’t really see it’s relevance to the song)
+2: I believe what he means is that the things he has make him what he is, i.e. his “color” is painted by these things. I’m not sure; this whole verse gave me trouble, tbh.
+3: This is literally what an ‘adabana’ is – a fruitless flower – in other words, something showy but useless


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