My Way

マイウェイ <My Way>

by 妄想電波系PUNK ZGOQ | on 烏合の衆
Lyrics: Claude François, Gilles Thibault, Paul Anka; Music: Claude François, Jacques Revaux; Japanese lyrics: 中島潤, 片桐和子
Translation by Aka

今 船出が近づくこの時に
ふとたたずみ 私は振り返る
遠く旅して歩いた 若い日を
すべて 心の決めたままに
ima   funade ga chikadzuku kono toki ni +1
futo tatazumi   watashi wa furikaeru
tooku tabi shite aruita   wakai hi wo +2
subete   kokoro no kimeta mama ni +3
Now, when the ship will soon set sail
Suddenly standing still, I look back
The distant journeys I walked and the youthful days
Everything, was my way
*私には 愛する歌があるから
信じたこの道を 私は行くだけ
すべては 心の決めたままに
*watashi ni wa   ai suru uta ga aru kara
shinjita kono michi wo   watashi wa yuku dake +4
subete wa kokoro no kimeta mama ni +3
*Because I have a love song
This road I trust, I can only follow
Everything, was my way
愛と涙と 微笑みにあふれ
今思えば 楽しい想い出よ
君に告げよう 迷わずに行くことを
君の心の 決めたままに
ai to namida to   hohoemi ni afure +5
ima omoeba   tanoshii omoide yo
kimi ni tsukeyou   mayowazu ni yuku koto wo
kimi no kokoro no kimeta mama ni +3
Overflowing love, tears and smiles
Now when I think about it, they were fun memories
I’ll tell you, the way you go without getting lost
is your way
* * *


+1: “And now the end is near”
+2: “I traveled each and every highway”
+3: kokoro no kimeta mama ni lit:‘as my heart’s decision’, in other words, “my way”
+4: “Each careful step along the byway”
+5: “I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried”


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