Teizoku ni shite Tsuusetsu

低俗にして通説 <teizoku ni shite tsuusetsu : Vulgar as the Common Opinion>

by メトロノーム | on LIFO
Lyrics & Music: Sharaku
Translation by Aka

mazu saki ni kimi no koto kangaete miyou kana
shibararete mekakushi wo shite mo boku ni kimi ga mieru
To start with, shall I try thinking about you
Even bound and blindfolded, I can see you
hikitsutta genjitsu ni RIARU wa aru no kana
dare datte tsutomerareru nara boku de isasete
In this stiffened reality, I wonder if the real exists
If everyone can do their part, I’ll make it happen
*boku no genkai miete, kimi ni soko wo misete
boku no tenkai miete, kimi no SOKO wo misete
*I can see my limit, I’ll show you the bottom
I can see my development, I’ll show you your place
kimi ni ishi ga aru dake de koko ni wa kachi ga aru
yakusetsu to shite boku ga kimi no imi ni naru kara
Only by your will does this place have a value
As my theoretic role, I’ll become your meaning +1
boku no iro sutete kimi no ni somatte
Throwing away my color and dying myself in yours 

+1: ‘yakusetsu’ isn’t in any dictionaries, but it’s not a made-up word. yaku means ‘role’ and setsu means ‘theory’, so…


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