パイク <Pike>

by FLOPPY | on Chip Trick/パイク & Deus ex machina
Lyrics: Koichi Makigami; Music: Yasushi Yamashita
ヒカシュー cover
Translation by Aka

mizu wo yuku hitotsu no paiku
(riku wo yuku no wa futatsu no paiku)
fukai fukai haruka na paiku
(futori hajimeta shizuka na paiku)
nami wo yobu no wa himitsu no paiku
(tsuchi ni umoreta himitsu no paiku)
awa to uku kuuki ni paiku
(oyoide yukenai modokashisa)
To the water, the first pike
(To the land is the second pike)
Uncomfortably deep down, the distant pike
(Started to get fat, the quiet pike)
Calling to the waves is the secret pike
(Buried in the earth, the secret pike)
Floating with bubbles, the airborne pike
(Not able to go swim is irritating)

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